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The front doors of the resort burst open and a young woman stumbles through them and onto the patio. With her silver-girt white gown and long loose hair, she looks distinctly out-of-place amongst the deck chairs and potted plants. Her eyes are closed and her hands are clasped, as if she is taking in a last deep breath before a plunge, and so does not notice her surroundings at first. Indeed, several moments pass before she opens her eyes, straightens her back, and starts to turn... when she realizes abruptly that where she is is no longer where she was.

Eowyn whirls around to try and go back the way she came, but stops short, seeing at once that she need not open the strange door to know that Meduseld did not lie behind it. Until someone can tell her what is going on, she will be found striding purposefully across the patio, the lawn, down the paths, trying to find a way back to home. If she is confused, her cold, set face does not show it, and though she is panicked, it is laced with an edge of exhilaration she cannot fight off. As sudden and inexplicable and bizarre as this is, it is something. Something has happened in her life.

typist: Eowyn! From Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. Taken from earlyish in The Two Towers, before Helm's Deep. Here to perform her traditional duty of attempting to boost the male-female ratio. >_>
Tags: barney stinson, bruce wayne, eowyn, introductions, natalie goodman, stuart dakin
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