Arthur Pendragon, Prince of Camelot (historia_regum) wrote in oflastresort,
Arthur Pendragon, Prince of Camelot

Arthur cannot believe it, he simply cannot. He's spent a long day at the practice fields and expects to come back to his room to find supper and a warm bath waiting for him, and what is there? Absolutely nothing. But what should he expect from his idiot manservant but foiled attempts and amusement. Well, today, he is not in the mood. He storms out into the hall and calls after Merlin - perhaps, maybe, the boy is within calling distance (if he did his job properly, he would be) - and heads back into his room to try and get out of his armour.

But, when he steps back into his room, he's suddenly not in his room. Instead, he's in a much larger room, filled with upholstered chairs, lots of small tables, and strange contraptions that seem to emit light. This is clearly the work of sorcery and when he gets back to Camelot, he will make sure that whomever is behind this will be punished. Severely.

But first, he must get back. Perhaps there is someone who understands where he is.

Typist: Arthur Pendragon, of the BBC's Merlin.
Tags: arthur pendragon, barney stinson, harry creek, introductions, ray person, teal'c
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