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Phedre is nothing if not adaptable, but this. This is different. She'd gone to sleep in palace chambers of Ysandre's court, Joscelin beside her. She'd been content, nearly truly happy, just then. One night of celebration. Her and Joscelin formally announced, and him named Queen's Champion. Melisandre out of Terre D'Ange.

Illyria, Skalia, Caerdicca. She's been to many worlds, spoken to the Master of the Straits, fought her way from lands long forsaken or long forgotten by Elua and all his kin.

But now she's at a loss. There's nothing familiar here, and the metal of the door under her hand is cold. The tile floor on her bare feet is chilling, and the silence even more so.

She is instantly on guard, a shiver down her spine.

typist: oflastresort arrival. approach at will, but she's gonna be a little freaked, obviously. phedre, from the kushiel's legacy.
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Adelle has seen this sort of stance before, never mind under what circumstances. From what she judges to be a safe distance, she says in even, calming tones, "While highly inconvenient and undoubtedly disconcerting, this little vacation doesn't appear to be harmful."
She's speaking the language of Alba, and it's quick for Phedre to switch, the words as natural to her as her own.

"Where is this place?"
Adelle shrugs. "I've been here something like a week. Others have been here longer. Beyond the fact that it's a resort of some kind, no one even has the faintest clue what world this is." There's a disbelieving, cynical note in that, but Adelle has been working herself around to being open to the idea of multiple worlds. At least that way she's prepared.
"I was-"

No. Don't reveal information, Phedre. Secrets are your power, here.

"A resort?"
Adelle grants her a smile of ironical amusement. "No doubt the intriguing and secrets market will start up soon enough, but for the moment we're all much too busy losing our heads to bother. But, yes, it is a resort. A hotel. Plenty of rooms, entirely serviceable, with one assigned to every single person who shows up, however that works. We haven't met any staff members yet. Or rather," she amends, "no one who was willing to admit to being a staff member."
"This is very, very strange."

Phedre drops her guard, just slightly, letting her shoulders relax.

"I'm Phedre."
Akira looks up when he hears the door swing open. "Are you all right?" he asks, standing - this woman looks more disturbed than anyone he's seen so far.

She starts in D'Angeline but changes, quickly.

"No. I'm very much not. Where am I?"
"Good evening," Lucifer says, courteous and calm; his presence is probably the opposite of that, though.
A rush of bronze wings nearly knock Phedre to the ground.


She calls, holding out a hand.

"Stop, please. Stop. Don't come any closer."