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It's high time that someone started looking around this resort, to try and figure out if any exit is possible.  At least, Bruce figures it's high time for this to happen, and so, being of an impatient sort of mind, he is out taking stock of the resort.  So far, he's found a few outbuildings, the pool, and the stables. Bruce is not entirely pleased with these discoveries, as none of them seem to contain a way out.  He's in the garden right now, headed for the forest -- he figures maybe he'll find someone else looking around, or maybe someone who can actually be helpful.  Fellow explorers are welcomed, but be warned, he's not in the best of moods.
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If there's anyone who won't be fazed by said bad mood, it could easily be Robin Scherbatsky. She's nearly as impatiently curious about their surroundings, so it's not too surprising when she happens upon him in said garden, though she's a bit distracted by scowling at the fact that her shoes are getting dirt all over them. "Oh," she says when she sees Bruce, "hi there. Sorry."
"Hi," Bruce replies, and gives Robin a small smile. "Don't suppose you've found anything interesting? Preferably a way out?"
She pulls a slight face, also in a bit of an irritable mood. "Nope. Not for lack of trying. Why, have you?"
"Unfortunately, no." He scowls a little and shoves his hands in his pockets. "I don't think we've met before, are you new or am I just unobservant?"
And in a blur of bright colors, there will be someone who tries to be helpful as often as possible landing next to him. "You're not going to find much."
"You could have told me that a while ago, you know," Bruce says a bit grumpily. "What else is out there that I haven't seen?"
He doesn't respond to the jibe. "Nothing, really. It's just... forest."
"Just forest. Very helpful." Sorry, Clark, he really is a bit grumpy, and this news is just intensifying it. "Thank you ever so much, Man of Steel."
"Well excuse me for letting you know. Would you like to wander in for a while? Leave a trail of breadcrumbs?"
"Very funny." He shakes his head and starts stalking back to the main building. "This is ridiculous."
He changes back to Clark in a swift blur and follows him. "You think I don't agree?"
"I never said that, did I?" He shakes his head a little, annoyed, and keeps walking. "I want to go home."
"We both do. Until we find a way home, though, we're going to have to make do."
"It just figures that I'd be trapped with you in a place we can't get out of."
"It could be worse."
"True. It could be Gardner."
He offers a semi-amused smile. "I was thinking Wally, but that'll work."
"Wally's about as bad," Bruce replies mildly. "Not quite, but close."
"Wally's more effusive, but not nearly as arrogant."
"Effusive I can deal with. I lived with Dick for close to a decade, after all."