Ray Person (cplwhiskeytango) wrote in oflastresort,
Ray Person

New Arrival!

Ray was expecting a titty bar. Not some weird-ass fancy hotel lobby. His recon training keeps the panic to a minimum as he looks around. Well, it's definitely not the Super-8. He definitely couldn't afford this place on a corporal's salary. Which does not explain why he's here, and staring at a bunch of random-ass motherfuckers instead of Sunnie Delight's voluptuous tittes.

Ray is a wiry little fucker, dressed casually in jeans and a USMC t-shirt, dogtags hanging around his neck. His hair is dark and cropped short. Tattoos peak out from under his short sleeves. His posture is alert, poised on the point of fight-or-flight that contradicts the almost pout on his face.

"Who the fuck are you people and why the fuck aren't you hot naked chicks dancing on poles? Where the fuck am I? Did you fucking kidnap me with some weird voodoo bullshit? Aw, shit, wait until Iceman hears about this, he is going to waste you pussy-ass bitches. Goddamn and I'm supposed to be shipping out in like, 3 days. Brad's gonna fucking kill my ass if I don't show up. Goddamn. ...Does anyone have any poptarts? I'm fucking hungry."

Typist: Corporal Ray Person, from Generation Kill, as portrayed by the lovely James Ransone. Recon Marine. Loquacious. Foul-mouthed. Obnoxious. But weirdly lovable.
Tags: adelle dewitt, barney stinson, introductions, natalie goodman, ray person
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