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yo, Cancun resorts, I'mma let you finish - but this is the best resort


Last Resort RP Community
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Applications are currently: OPEN; Introductions are currently: OPEN
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LAST RESORT: The General Guide


A seemingly empty resort in the middle of a temperate forest is slowly being populated by people from different realities and times. One minute they're at home or at work, the next, they're standing in the lobby of the resort. What can it mean? Who will get along and forge friendships and who will slowly be driven insane? Why is this sounding like the tagline for a horrible movie? Who knows? All of these questions may or may not be answered inside or outside of this roleplay. Possibly.

LAST RESORT: a pan-fandom roleplay with a vague over-arcing plot.


  • First, read everything. This is required.

  • Once you've read through all of the rules, feel free to apply as a character. Check the taken characters list and the holds post to ensure that they are available. The application and further instructions of what to do with it can be found HERE. This is only a formality and a checkpoint to keep things organized; you may be asked to change a few things in your application, but rarely will anyone be rejected.

  • HOLDS: as a new player, you are allowed to hold two characters. Please apply for one and introduce them before applying for a second. After the initial two applications and introductions, only one character per typist is allowed in stasis (either on hold or with an application sent in). The holds post is HERE. Holds will last for a month (see post for more details).

  • CHARACTER RESTRICTIONS: You may play any fairly well-fleshed character from film, novels, TV shows, plays, graphic novels, comics, anime, and possibly other media. Mythological characters must be based in something unless there is a wealth of information about them (see: Zeus). Any figure currently being worshiped by a large group of people is not allowed (see: God, Jesus, Allah, etc). We ask that you attempt to draw characters from both literary and visual formats; equal amounts, if possible. If your first character is one from a TV show, try to make your second character one from a book, etc. TV show characters are available after one season - no matter how many episodes that season includes (see: Firefly) - movie characters and book characters are available after one month. TV show spoilers and canon changes can take effect (or not!) one week after the episode airs in the US. As always, whether or not a character is allowed is at the discretion of the moderators.

  • NO DOUBLE CHARACTERS: once again, at the discretion of the moderators. If your character was represented in book first and most famously (see: Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings) then that's the version you must play. If they were represented in book form first but that book is out of print or rare (see: Labyrinth) then the movie form can be played.

  • Next, create a Livejournal for your character. The profile should give a little information about them, icons may be uploaded, and the journal in general should reflect their tastes. You are welcome to have them use the journal as an actual journal (ex: "Dear Diary, today I was pompous and my sister was crazy") or for third person RP or both.

  • Write an introductory post for them. This should be in third person and will be their reaction to entering the resort (see below for more information about the resort). This can be a simple statement of shock or a general, slightly out-of-character introduction. See sample introduction HERE. Make sure to include a typist's note indicating their source. This should be posted to the community; a tag will be created for them once they are introduced.

  • Comment to other posts, introductory or not! Continue to use their tag. Friend other journals, form relationships, and create some drama. Post all relatively public posts to the community (announcements, open parties) and relatively private posts (one-on-one conversations, small pre-arranged get-togethers) to their journal. You can actually see all of the character posts HERE on the comm's friends list.

  • Side note: there may be occasional mod-initiated plots. These will be posted to the main community with the moderator journal and you can choose if you would like your character to play along with it or not.

  • Death is death. Once your character is dead, that's it. Please contact the moderators if you'd like to run a plot that includes death because once they're dead, nobody else can play the character.

  • If you're leaving, also contact the moderators if you can. Your characters can be put up for adoption and someone else can choose if they would like to continue the plotline or if they would like to reset the character. Some casual activity tallies will be taken, but the general rule is - have your character post or comment at least 2-3 times a month. If they don't and there isn't a good OOC reason, we might assume that you have lost interest and that we can give the character to somebody else.

  • There isn't a character limit, but after the first five, we ask that you take a one month break from picking up more. If you're able to keep all five active during that month, you're welcome to! (And so on.) However, we recommend that if you're just starting out, you stick with 1-3 characters and that most people stick with 5-10.

  • The oflastresortooc comm is for "out of character" interaction. Join it with your normal journal! There you can talk about plots (especially important for those with characters within the same canon), chat about characters, introduce yourselves when you join the game, and we'll also make the infrequent announcement there as well. Most of the essential announcements will be made on the community itself (and added to the profile) so joining the OOC comm isn't absolutely essential. If you would like to follow the RP comm itself with your actual journal, friend (or "watch") the community rather than join it. We don't want your personal entries showing up on the comm's friend list, after all!



  • NO GOD-MODDING IS ALLOWED. Period. This means that you cannot control someone else's character. If you write "[my character] thrusts his knife toward [other character], who attempts to jump away but is too slow", that is wrong and you will be called out for it. Only write about what your character is doing and allow the other typist to react to your character's actions. Secondary in annoyance but more difficult to call out than god-modding is a "Mary Sue" or "Gary Stu" AKA a character that is absolutely perfect; everyone obviously likes them and they get whatever they want and have all of the powers ever. Keep this in mind as well.

  • Going along with this, all heavily powered characters (gods/goddesses, demons, angels, witches, wizards, etc) will find themselves with reduced powers. Normal people will find themselves with increased resistance to these powers. An evil wizard can kill someone but it will take some effort. This will help circumvent the "very little death" rule. If, however, your character is a murderous mortal and kills with their bare hands - then you may have to get a little creative in order to explain why they aren't killing as much.

  • Do not break the fourth wall. If your character comes from the present time and sees Harry Potter, then by all means, have them react to him if they're a huge Harry Potter fan! However, do not have them say things like "oh, we all have typists!" or "did you know that we're all from books and movies?" because that's just weird. Basically, keep it in-character.

  • PBs. Also known as "played bys". Some people will settle for an icon that relates to their character (ex: a lightning bolt icon for Zeus), which is fine. Other people want a physical representation, which is also fine - but please make sure that you use someone that isn't being used by 3+ other people in the comm and that represents your character properly (ex: using Christina Aguilera as a PB for Jane Eyre, while radical, is an example of not following this rule). Media characters don't have this problem, obviously.



  • Do not take IC (in character) arguments to OOC (out of character). Please do not initiate OOC drama. Some typists are beginners, others are fairly experienced, but we're all here to roleplay, write, and have fun.

  • If there are any problems, simply email the moderators at oflastresortmod[at]gmail[dot]com and we will reply as promptly as we can.

  • The moderators' decision, while it can be argued against with logic, is law.

  • Oh, and the last rule? HAVE FUN.

  • Sincerely, oflastresortmod (AKA rhombal and peridium)