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David Posner

Posner is quite sure his mother would be very pleased with herself at this moment. Hasn't she been telling him, after all, for weeks and weeks, that he really needs a new book bag, that it's disgraceful to have one that looks so ratty, that people will think his parents don't care about him if they see him carrying around a bag like that. All of which he is sure he will hear repeated, in unabashedly triumphant tones, when he gets home and is forced to show her the way in which the bag split, right down the center seam, right in the middle of the sidewalk.

Which is not, incidentally, where he seems to be anymore. It takes him a moment to realize this, as he is busy kneeling on the ground, recovering the books which spilled when his bag broke. But when he does look up at last, when he does notice that the sidewalk seems to have disappeared, he freezes. He is-- his mind scrambles frantically for an answer, but the only one it can come up with is-- elsewhere. Somewhere he's never been or seen before.

He's a ridiculous sight, really-- a small, skinny teenager, looking much younger than his nearly eighteen years, as still as if he'd been frozen by Medusa into a statue of crouching, bewildered boy reaching for his torn book bag, an armful of music books spilling back onto the floor.

Posner is from The History Boys by Alan Bennett.
Tags: barney stinson, david posner, harry creek, introductions, robin scherbatsky
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