House (abrickhouse) wrote in oflastresort,

House was hungry. When House was hungry, there were two places he could be found: 1) anywhere Wilson was, and 2) anywhere Wilson was. Wilson hadn't been in the cafeteria when House had pushed through the double doors, so the next best option was Wilson's office. The walk to Wilson's office was down the hall, up three floors on the elevator, and then down the hall to the left until that hall forked. This took only two minutes for House (it would have been a quicker stride, but he had been stopped about a new case.

"Not now," he had dismissed the nurse, "Let me at least get something to eat before you start shoving new cases down my throat." He turned and looked the nurse in the eye. "Paper isn't one of my favorites."

He quickly turned to race to Wilson's office before the nurse could say anything more, opening the door and pushing it closed with his cane. House's brain didn't register that he wasn't in Wilson's office until after he had started talking as if Wilson were right there, at his desk.

"Huh," he started, looking around the lobby. "This is... unexpected."

Typist: Dr. Gregory House from House, M.D.!
Tags: barney stinson, david posner, gregory house, harry creek, introductions, james wilson, natalie goodman
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