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One thing Merlin has learned over the course of the past year or so in Arthur's service is that a servant's work was never done. If it isn't cleaning the armor or the stables, it's fixing his meals. And when it isn't doing these tasks for Arthur, it's working for Gaius and making sure his supplies are well stocked. And then on top of all of that, he of course has to make sure Arthur doesn't die by the end of the day with the amount of times he's faced almost certain doom. And let's not forget that he has to make sure his gift remains a secret shared only between him and Gaius (and occasionally Lancelot), lest he end up being thrown in the dungeon and executed by mid-morning.

Sheesh, his work is never appreciated.

Just now, he has finished up the last of Gaius' jobs and is rushing on his way back to the palace to serve Arthur his meal. He stumbles through the kitchen and picks up a plate of food that he would almost certainly like to eat himself, but alas, Arthur would have his head if he even found out that Merlin took so much as one bite out of it. He groans as he knocks on Arthur's door, but is surprised to see it open on its own.

"Huh, curious." He pushes it open with his back and steps inside, keeping his eyes on the meal instead of where he is going. It's of course just his luck that he ends up tripping on a loose tile and falls headfirst into what he assumes is Arthur's room. What it is instead is a rather large room, not too unlike the throne room in Camelot, only not at all. Merlin looks up in awe, ignoring the gravy that has splashed on his head mid-fall, and instead takes a careful glance around these new surroundings.

"I don't think we're in Camelot, anymore," he mutters to himself, only just now realizing that he's far from alone. He smiles sheepishly, hurrying to wipe off the gravy and other remnants of Arthur's dinner and offers the bystanders a most hearty wave.

Typist: Merlin from BBC's Merlin :)
Tags: arthur pendragon, barney stinson, harry creek, introductions, merlin
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