Mr Jonathan Strange (ironicalsmile) wrote in oflastresort,
Mr Jonathan Strange

In the life of a magician, the bizarre becomes commonplace, and one must soon learn - not to expected the unexpected, as that would be rather self-defeating, but at least not to show one's surprise when one does run across the unexpected.

Actually, as unexpected goes, this is hardly the most bizarre unexpected Jonathan Strange has encountered in his years as a magician. It does not even rate the top hundred list, as it happens. Jonathan Strange's life lately has been... well... strange.

Therefore, walking through a door which previously was known to lead to the library, and discovering that it now leads, instead, to what appears to be a large assembly room of some sort, designed in a very elegant, if curiously unfashionable, style, does not in the slightest take Strange by surprise. Considering that he was previously in the house of a magician (and doors which one believe lead to Norrell's library do have a reputation for leading elsewhere, after all), he hardly even notices it.

"Oh, damn," he says, stopping short just within the door. "This is certainly not where I wanted to be." He turns to leave just as swiftly as he came, but upon opening the door, he discovers that it now leads to a grand, sweeping lawn, beyond which the green and grey smudge of a forest can be seen, and not anything like a corridor of Hurtfew Abbey. That is hardly the only thing that is different, however...

Strange looks up at the cloudless, warm blue sky; he looks slowly round at the sun-drenched lawn, and the wrought-iron rail of the front porch, which glitters in the sunlight. He steps back inside, a bemused smile coming slowly into existence upon his face.

"I am not quite sure how I managed it," he says aloud, "but I do believe I have finally succeeded."

Typist: I know, took me long enough. x____x anyway, Jonathan Strange, from the novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. And, to anyone responding who doesn't know the book - Strange is from the early 19th century and dressed accordingly.
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